Tips for a New Blogger!

Secrets of Professional Writers Every Blogger Should Know

This article is perfect for my first blog post. Before the first IMS 201 class I would have considered myself to be very active on social media. I have a Facebook that I check regularly, I have a twitter that I use to read other peoples tweets, I use Instagram on occasion, and other various apps and websites. I was surprised to discover so many other sites, such as WordPress, that I had never heard about. I have never blogged before and this article provided me with some much-needed guidance. I am excited to start actively participating in other forms of social media. I have realized that by just reading social media, I am not giving back in anyway. I look forward to sharing things I find interesting, my opinions, and thoughts with other WordPress users and my IMS 201 class.

Suggestions for Bloggers:

1. Avoid cliches

2. Write like you speak

3. Talk to your reader like a friend

4. Use anecdotes and case studies

5. Parallelism

6. Use adjectives sparingly

7. Limit the use of adverbs

8. Use exclamation marks with care

9. Tighten up your writing and remove extra words or phrases

10. Develop evidence-based opinions


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