Social Media Can Help You Land Your Next Job


Social Media Can Help You Land You Your Next Job

One major stereotype of social media is that it can limit your chances of being hired when applying to jobs. Even if your Facebook or Twitter is private, that doesn’t mean that inappropriate pictures and crude language cannot be accessed by recruiters. Social media has made a turn for the better with the “social resume.” Within the next few years the traditional paper resume will likely be extinct with increasing use of sites such as LinkedIn, ResumeSocial, VisualCV and Razume. These sites offer more networking opportunities and faster feedback from recruiters and job seekers. Even sites such as Facebook and Twitter can keep you updated on companies your interested in because more companies are posting and tweeting job listings. This article proves that not all social media is bad, but you have to use it properly.



2 thoughts on “Social Media Can Help You Land Your Next Job

  1. As a business major, social media is definitely a big part of job hunting. I love using LinkedIn but need to look into the other sites more so thanks for mentioning them! I also recommend following companies you are interested in to keep updated on their news, job opportunities, etc.

  2. Hey, I’m actually using this right now! I’m using social media to post some of my art and videos in home to get a fan base and to get the attention of a potential employer. I guess it all depends on how you use the products!

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