How To Use Chopsticks

I think this “How To” video is really well made. I always had a tough time using chopsticks when I was younger and always had to ask to get the assistant chopsticks that are tied together with a rubber band. Using chopsticks is actually really easy, especially if you are taught properly. This video incorporated the perfect amount of video and text. The person actually using the chopsticks is silent and focusing on teaching the viewer. The voiceover speaks clearly, at a understandable speech rate and his voice remains at a constant tone. I really liked how the video also included “tips” and played a ding to command the viewers attention. The video is also broken up in steps. This allows the person learning to use chopsticks perfect the technique in a more simplified way. The video of the hands and chopsticks is shown from different angles and what it would like in the individuals eyes. The timing of the video is also slow enough for the viewer to imitate the example as the video progresses. I would suggest this video to any other sushi lovers who struggle with using chopsticks. I love sushi and leaning how to use chopsticks made the experience that much better.


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