Carrie Underwood Lights Up Grammy Stage with Tech Dress

Carrie Underwood grey dress turned into an animated light show during her performance of “Two Black Cadillacs” and “Blown Away” at the 55th Grammy Awards on Sunday. To make sure this dress worked, it took lots of precision. Underwood had to stand in a special spot on the Staples Center stage to make it work. The audience was mesmerized while animated patterns such as falling rose petals and soaring butterflies projected onto the dress, at times matching the animations on the digital screens behind her. Modern technology is being incorporated into significant events such as the Grammys and also during the Super Bowl halftime show last week. As technology continues to advance, performances are getting more exciting and less predictable. This dress is just one example of how technology can totally change a performance.


2 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Lights Up Grammy Stage with Tech Dress

  1. I thought her dress was so cool and it really did make her performance even better! I agree with what you said about as technology is growing, performances are getting more exciting. The effects become a huge part of the show, and this is a perfect example.

    • This is a great example of what technology allows today. To think that the light show going on on her dress is possible is innovative enough but a whole other thing to be happening in her dress. It also points to the idea that a great performance today is not just about the singing, but that consumers also expect performers to push the envelope with technology as well.

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