High-Tech Pet Toys

I was intrigued by this article because I am obsessed with my dog. I have a Cockapoo named Lily and I love spending time with her. I think some of these creations are awesome such as the ones that track your dog and send updates about your dogs activity throughout the day. I do not support the technology that takes away from the human interaction a dog loves and needs. These new inventions serve as another example of how technology has such an impact in todays society. It has made owning a pet which was once a huge commitment, a less personal and less interactive experience. 


8 High-Tech Pet Toys

1. Tagg Pet Tracker is a GOA attachment for your pets collar. It will track your pet and send you a text or email if it goes beyond set boundaries. It also tracts the animals cardio activity.



2. The Woofer turns your dog into Ipod speakers through a sewn in speaker pouch and speaker jack.


3. Puppy Tweets tracks your dog through a senor on a collar. It will send a signal to a USB receiver attached to your computer and the sensor then updates the dogs personal Twitter account.


4. The Go-Go Dog Pal is a remote-controlled device made to look like a small creature for a dog to chase and stay healthy.


5. The GoDogGo Remote Fetch Machine is an automatic fetch machine that launches balls more than 40ft.


6. Dart Automatic Laser Toy is an automatic rotating laser that keeps a pet entertained for hours.


7. MagneClip eliminates the struggle of hooking spring-loaded clip to a collar. The little magnet makes it easy to clip a leash to the collar but it also holds a lot of weight.


8. National Geographic Wild Pet’s Eye View Camera attaches a camera to your pet’s collar to see what it is up to. The device stores 40 photos, and it comes with a USB cable to upload them onto your computer.



Article: http://mashable.com/2013/02/19/tech-pet-accessories/


2 thoughts on “High-Tech Pet Toys

  1. I also have a puppy of my own that I just got about 4 months ago, and I love her to death. Her name is Dixie, and she is a Shepherd-Collie mix (40lbs. in my apartment can be overwhelming at times!)

    Looking at these items, I agree with you that some make it a less personal experience to own a dog (such as the laser or the fetch thrower) I get the impression that people buy these items to just sit in their house and turn on and then leave the dog. I do not agree with this, as I agree with you and think that it is important for us to interact and bond with our pet.

    On the other hand, I do think that as long as these items are used sparingly (while at work, etc…) and only to SUPPLEMENT the pet’s activity, not to ‘babysit’ or give an excuse to make it ‘OK’ to leave the pet more often than normal. I always feel bad leaving my puppy while I am in class, and I would feel less guilty if I knew that she was playing with a laser toy while I was gone and was still active even though I was not there. I know that she needs human interaction, but I think it is good to have to help them not feel lonely when we have to be gone.

  2. This is cool. It is interesting how technology has not only affected our life and interactions with humans, but also our interactions with our pets as well. As peoples lifestyles change, so our their dogs, and so these high-tech pet toys help find a balance between of those lifestyles.

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