Rebecca Minkoff Defines ‘Tech Couture’

Rebecca Minkoff is an industry leader in casual luxury handbags, accessories and apparel. She believes fashion, like technology, is all about designing great products. She puts her products into “trial runs” which she calls the products “beta bags” and they endure a “wear-testing program.” Minkoffs team carry these upcoming seasons sample bags and collect feedback during a “wear-testing program.” The bags are then altered and changed based on the feedback. More recently, Rebecca Minkoff is combining the technology world and fashion world into one. Through a recent partnership with Stellé Audio Couture, she helped design an “audio clutch” — a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled mobile speaker that looks like a small purse. This isn’t the first instance of fashion and technology merging. There are jackets that have incorporated holes for headphones and even hats with speakers. With such a reputable designer, such as Rebecca Minkoff, entering the combined fashion and technology world, I think ‘Tech Couture’ will be an increasing trend in society.

Rebecca Minkoff Interview



3 thoughts on “Rebecca Minkoff Defines ‘Tech Couture’

  1. Make sense for fashion items to be headed this direction. With technology becoming so ingrained in out culture we need items to be multi-functional and tech friendly. And as the economy is recovering I think people will be interested in this ‘Tech Couture’ trend.

  2. I follow RM on social media sites like twitter and instagram and am always impressed with her style, and now that I know she has a “wear-testing program” I am even more impressed. I think other designers should definitely take lead on this testing concept to have satisfied customers. One example, I had was buying a Burberry bag that continued to have the straps break, I would exchange the bag for a new one, but once again I was dissatisfied with yet another broken strap. And the fact that RM is mixing up her accessories with technology is very exciting. I don’t know how willing I would be to carry around a purse with a speaker blasting music, but I do like where she is taking this.

  3. This is really cool and I’m really fascinated that someone like her would be doing this. It’s not something I would have predicted, fashion going in this direction, but it’s definitely something I think people will show a lot of interest in. It combines two vastly different things into one really cook, sort of chic thing.

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