How It Will Feel to Wear Google Glass

Google has recently shared more information, photos, and videos about the features and abilities of Google glass. Glass is capable of taking photos, recording videos, looking up answers on Google, showing reminders (such as for a flight) and sharing whatever you’re looking at — either via messaging or through a Google+ Hangout. This new device is not actually glasses. It is more of a headband with a display screen hooked up to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi, video, photos, and various preset commands can all be accessed by simply talking to glass. This new product shows how Google is advancing in the market. It will also most likely bring up controversy because some people may think Google Glass is taking technology one-step too far and is too invasive. Google Glass will first be given to beta testers and will then be available to the public market at a high price.



3 thoughts on “How It Will Feel to Wear Google Glass

  1. Google also has just come out with google glass in your vehicle that provides the driver with a GPS on there front wind shield. I wrote about this in a post or a tweet at some point last week. I think that this definitely is the new big thing and will be a very popular piece of technology. The actual glass and definition makes the viewer feel as though they are actually present in the place they are filming. This gives the viewer a look into what the video recorder is seeing and feeling. Personally I believe this is a highly important post and something that will change technology and impact our way of learning and video viewing. Awesome post Julia I really enjoyed reading it!

    • This reminds me a book “Feed” that I read in high school. The book took place in the future and everyone had computers inputted into their brain. Essentially, this is what Google is attempting to do. With these glasses, information is instant and right there. I think this is revolutionary, but will it become a household item? I can’t wait to see what the next stages are.

  2. A heads up display in a car is a good idea. and dashboard cameras are already common in many parts of the world where people drive without insurance. However, I am not comfortable with people walking around with cameras strapped to their heads. Its already bad enough with smartphones, but with Glass no one will know where they are being photographed.

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