The Future of Hulu


Since founding CEO, Jason Kilar, and partner, Rich Tom, announced their plans to step down in early January, plans for Hulu’s future have not been discussed. News corps and Disney, which each own between a quarter and a third of the video service, have suggested purchasing the other’s stake, or selling to an outsider. The two disagree on the direction Hulu should go: Disney thinks the site should build out its free, ad-supported streaming service, while News Corp believes it should focus on its premium offering, Hulu Plus, which has 3 million paying subscribers. Hulu used to have an advantage over Netflix, a much larger competitor, because of a previous contract that only allowed Hulu to stream News Corps and Disney material. More recently, News Corps and Disney realized they could be more successful if they are offer their material and streaming video to more viewers through more sites such as Netflix. It’s leaves Hulu’s future relatively uncertain…

I thought this article was really interesting because I am familiar with both Hulu and Netflix. I used to use Hulu all the time but as time went on Hulu got more restrictive on what a free user was able to watch. I am now a Netflix user and my family has a subscription to its services. I use Netflix to watch television series and movies. I am also a HUGE fan of the Netflix app for my iPad and iPhone. It is very easy to navigate and I have had very few problems with it. For watching shows with seasons that are currently running, I have started using the direct channels website or apps. Channels such as ABC, NBC, the CW, and FOX all offer full episodes streaming on their websites or apps the day after they premiere. Through using Netflix and channels websites, my need for a Hulu subscription has been completely eliminated.




One thought on “The Future of Hulu

  1. I don’t like the uncertainty of the future of Hulu-as someone who uses it often. Even though they are restrictive on what users can watch, I still like having the option to watch some things for free. I’m not particular on TV shows or movies, I can get into just about anything, so the idea that the service may no longer be offered is disappointing to me.

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