Solar Power on the Rise!


I think solar powered energy is hugely valuable and something our country should take more seriously. I was glad to read in the article that there are 10 solar power plants being built in California and Arizona. Together these plants will be able to produce One and a half gigs watts of electric power. Between 2004 and 2007 the private sector of solar power skyrocketed. These new plants are a product of the heightened interest within those 3 years. With all of the energy we consume everyday, it is important to realize where your energy is coming from. It is even more important to not waste energy and conserve it whenever possible.

Image Image Image Image

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One thought on “Solar Power on the Rise!

  1. I love this article! I found it so interesting that just the solar plants being built in California and Arizona would have such an impact. I also really liked the article because it did make me think about all the energy that we use everyday. Almost everything we do in school now requires some sort of energy and I cant imagine the costs. I have heard that solar plants are very costly as well, but then again they produce a lot more efficient energy. The pictures you posted were also very cool!

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