New Rules Regarding Electronics on Aircrafts in the Near Future


Do you know why you have to turn off electronic devices during takeoff and landing?

Some electronic devices could theoretically interfere with aircraft equipment but it’s not always clear which gadgets are likely to offend. It’s easier to diagnose any possible interference when the plane is at cruising altitude rather than during takeoff and landing. So it’s simpler to just ask passengers to turn all devices off, even those, such as the Kindle and Nook, that barely draws a charge while in use. Within the next year these rules could change.

According to the New York Times, the FAA may ease up on the strict rules requiring passengers to shutdown ALL electronics during certain times. This new regulation would not apply to cellphones but rather e-readers and laptops that are put in airplane mode. I never fully understood why I was turning off my phone and electronics during takeoff and landing. I thought maybe because of radio interference. I found researching this topic very interesting!



2 thoughts on “New Rules Regarding Electronics on Aircrafts in the Near Future

  1. It is a very interesting topic. I get turning off cell phones and laptops because they put out a large signal. However they have never proved for certain, as far as I know, that they effect the signal so I think they could loosen up the rules. And I wonder how many people actual follow this rule. Its better to be safe than sorry but I have doubts myself about if our electronic actually effect the radio signals.

  2. This is very interesting. Being from out of state, I fly every time I have to go home and am always curious as to why certain people are able to keep their devices on and the rule is so loosely enforced. I think it would make much more sense if the airlines were to crack down more because currently they really do not enforce the rule that well which makes me think that there isn’t too much of an interference.

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