Instagram, Vine and the News Industry


I decided to blog about this because I signed up for vine this week. I had heard of it before but didn’t really know what it was until my friends started getting them. So far, I think it is great. Most of the people I follow post videos that are really funny and I catch myself watching them over and over until it gets annoying. When reading this article I found it interesting how vine can also have a huge impact on the news. I didn’t think about it until I saw the video of the crashed car. This 6-second clip can almost serve as a “hook” or a lead to draw readers in. It gives reader a little preview but also makes them interested and want to know more.

The article also mentions vine being used in the sports industry. This clip shows the Michigan Wolverines moving on to the final four in the March Madness tournament. MLB has also started to use vine to show sports highlights. I can totally see Vine being a huge hit in the upcoming sports seasons.

I have discussed Instagram in previous posts but more and more celebrities are using Instagram and posting pictures everyday. The almost professional looking photos with additive features and filters allow the public to follow celebrities just like their other friends!

Michigan Basketball’s post on Vine

NBC New York’s post on Vine



3 thoughts on “Instagram, Vine and the News Industry

  1. I personally don’t have a vine account, but I have several friends that do. I think it’s kind of a cool, innovative new social media. Instead of just typing a tweet or Facebooking a picture, it shows people in action and allows you to see exactly what your friends are doing. In regards to news coverage, it is definitely a good teaser to get people to watch the news. It serves as a short preview that hooks the audience and is just another development that can be used to attract consumers.

  2. I too have been hearing a lot about Vine lately, and I didn’t really understand the point. Now that you’ve explained that news, media, and entertainment all use Vine, it makes more sense. I see potential here, similar to Twitter and Instagram.

  3. I was also thinking about getting one of these this week, its all the talk of the town. I think this could defiantly be the next big bubble or thing because there doesn’t seem to be a market for sharing videos. We have Instagram for pictures but because of how easy it is to upload media in a matter of seconds, why not have a new social media site for video viewing and sharing. I agree that Vine will be a hit in the sports industry because of fans need to share footage and plays with other fans. Great post julia, it looks like I will be Vines newest user after reading this post!

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