Website Layout: CNN

When I was deciding which websites layout I liked the most, CNN really stood out to me. It is really easy to navigate and the news is broken up into very distinct categories. At the top of the homepage there are tabs for all of the different news categories. When a category tab is clicked, you are brought to the categories individual news page which features all of the news pertaining to that category. The second and third tabs are for both news with TV&Video segments and CNNs Trending news. Under the category tabs they have links to the most breaking and important news. These topics would most likely be determined by the number of hits each topic receives. Down the left-hand side of the webpage CNN lists links to the latest news. This feature makes finding important breaking news very accessible. CNN also includes little videos or a small play symbol next to news links that are in video format. If you scroll all the way to the bottom the news categories are listed again in a grid format with all of the most important news links listed underneath the respective categories. CNN also includes a search box at the top right of the homepage which makes accessing old news really easy! Overall, I think CNN has a very visually appealing website. Photos and video are included in the homepage but do not take over and overwhelm the user. The homepage is more text based but it is formatted in such a way that is organized and categorized by topic. CNN is my first stop when reading news and I think its because I enjoy the layout of the website.

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2 thoughts on “Website Layout: CNN

  1. CNN is a great website. I think it does a great job at getting people’s attention and capturing the important events. I also enjoy most of the articles posted about news events. CNN is where I get most of my information and I also like how they have twitter and facebook pages to follow that keep me up to date. I have always been a fan of their website.

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