MTV Introduces the “Giffie” Award

There has been an increase in the use of GIFs in social media and MTV will award the best GIFs during the MTV Movie Awards on April 14th 2013. MTV considers GIFs a staple in MTVs strategy. A GIF artist and comedians from VH1’s Best Week Ever will team up to quickly create entertaining GIFs for impromptu categories such as Sexiest Lip Licking, Best Side Eye and Most Unexpected Stage Dive. The GIFs will appear on MTVs tumbler and Twitter account during the awards show. MTV often tests digital initiatives during the Movie Awards in order to see if they would work at its most important event, the Video Music Awards. Last year during the MTV Movie Awards, fans were allowed to vote using Twitter hashtags in the newest category, Best Hero. The success of the live social voting during the Movie Awards, led to the implementation of live social voting for a new category during the Video Music Awards a few months later. This is a great example of involving the audience through technology. This attracts more viewers and also invests them into the program.

Article: MTV will Launch GIF Awards During 2013 Movie Awards


3 thoughts on “MTV Introduces the “Giffie” Award

  1. Oh my gosh MTV is taking some serious measures in order to attract more viewers… Although I do agree that this technique to attain a wider audience will work, as well as broaden its scope in the world of twitter. Even though this will attract more viewers I also think it will make the event more casual, focusing less on the talent and awards. These new GIFs might make a debauchery of the whole even and lead some actors to decline their invite. Winning an MTV movie award should be a big deal, and you also wouldn’t want to take that credit away from the previous recipients.

    • MTV is definitely involving the audience in a creative and entertaining way. It not only attracts a lot of viewers, but also uses social media sites such as Twitter, which will launch the event and idea through the media world.

  2. What I like about MTV is that this company is doing all that it can to reach out to its audience to make them feel more involved. Being in this field, companies have to have ways to attract more viewers.

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