Helpful Apps to have when Studying Abroad!


I am studying abroad this upcoming fall semester in Florence, Italy and I was interested to see if there were any apps that people find helpful while in another country. I found this article which listed a few apps I have never heard of before but also listed apps I already have that will be helpful.

1. AccuWeather and Weatherbug- tells you the weather when you are traveling between cities on the weekends.

2. Vonage Mobile and Viber- both people communicating have to downloaded the apps, that way calls, texts and roaming charges won’t apply.

3. Convert Any Unit Free- converts all types of measurements like celcuis to farenheit and all types of currencies. 

4. Highlight- this app will let you know if friends, or people it thinks you might be able to make friends with, are nearby. You sign into the app using your Facebook account and are able to message people privately through the app.

5. Currency Banknotes- this is a more advanced converting app because actually see an image of what each bill in a selected currency should look like, in addition to being able to calculate the exchange rate.

6. iTranslate- This is helpful for trying to converse with hotel staff, waitress or in time sof an emergency.

7. CouchSurfing- this app connects you with people who have at least a couch, but maybe even a bedroom, to let you sleep on for the night as you travel.

8. SuperKing- this app is great for travelers who want to meet new people and mingle with locals.

Article: Top Apps for College Students Studying Abroad



2 thoughts on “Helpful Apps to have when Studying Abroad!

  1. These are really good apps. Especially the Currency Banknote. Currency exchange rates can be hard to remember and it just makes it quicker to find out how much it is worth compared to home currency. The converter app is also nice because everyone else seems to use different measurement units then Americans.

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