TabbedOut is a great idea for an application and I am surprised it hasn’t been in use sooner. TabbedOut was created to allow customers to open, view, and pay bar or restaurant tabs from their own smartphones. This app eliminates the wait time for the check and a easy payment method. Consumers can get better insight into how their money is being used and can access offers and deals to save on their purchases. And merchants receive a lot of data that lets them better serve customers and understand what they want through the upgraded customer relationship management tools. It will be interesting to see if there are any issues with user security because credit card information will be stored in a phone. TabbedOut is used in over 1,000 venues nation-wide and the numbers continue to increase daily. 





2 thoughts on “TabbedOut

  1. Alright this might be the smartest idea ever… I agree, I can’t believe no one has already thought of this idea for an application. Restaurants could circulate more customers but also keep them satisfied if they are looking for a quick bit to eat or in a rush to leave. This could also help the waiters cover more tables, leaving them with one less thing to worry about. Waiters might also be able to receive larger tips if customers don’t have to wait to long for the check, they might be happier about their experience and therefore more willing to give a larger tip. This application gives customers a better control over the amount of time they will spend in a restaurant helping think keep them pleased but also hurting business if they can keep a track of how quickly they are spending money. Overall, I believe this application will be a huge hit and therefore start change the way customers pay there bill at restaurants. Great post Julia!

  2. This is a great way for restaurants to keep tabs on who is coming to their restaurant, what they are buying, and how much they are making. Much more data is able to be captured that a cash register. It will save receipt paper too!

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